Bloomberg Businessweek

Bloomberg businessweek the US leading business publication with a multi-awarded content.
BY THE NUMBERS 2,300 news & multimedia professionals, 152 bureaus, 72 countries

Weekly Features
Global Economics: trade, currencies, and foreign policy
Companies & Industry: mergers & acquisitions, leadership challenges
Markets & Finance: latest news and insights from the financial services industry.
Technology: all things tech, technology news.
Politics & Policy: American policy’s intersection with the sometimes volatile business market.
Focus On: small business, energy, healthcare, risk, Davos etc.
Etc: Lifestyle coverage through a business lens, travel, books etc.

GLOBAL EXPANSION European and Asian Editions
Local Language Editions:  Chinese, Thai, Arabic, Polish, Turkish, and Indonesian

Circulation: 980,000 
Audience: 3.75 MM

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